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Cancellation Policy


Severe Weather Cancellation

Severe weather compromises the safety of all participants at Featherpine Nature Play. The severity of the weather event can pose different challenges for different sites and may include but not be limited to thunderstorms, high winds with the risk of branches falling, flash flooding, extreme heat.  If severe weather is forecast and a new venue cannot be found, the session may be cancelled in advance (the day before or earlier) we are able to offer you a refund or credit towards another session.

If a session is cut short or cancelled half way through due to a severe weather event or unsafe conditions, we are unfortunately unable to refund the day's fees, however we will offer a make up session at a later date.


Wet Weather

We are an ‘all weather’ program meaning that all of our programs go ahead in wet weather as long as it is safe. We have an undercover area but participants will very likely still get wet (usually by choice). Please ensure all attendees (children, students AND staff) are appropriately dressed and prepared.

Please note that if you decide to cancel on the morning of your booked program due to rain you will not be eligible for a refund, however a credit may be offered towards a future booking if you notify Featherpine Nature Play in writing at least two (2) hours before the session commences.


Fees vary from program to program but must be paid up front via Paypal, Stripe or bank deposit upon booking, unless other arrangements have been made prior to booking between Mandy at Featherpine Nature Play and yourself in writing. This gives Featherpine Nature Play time to organise resources, cancel/rearrange programs, staff, venue hire etc if we don’t meet minimum requirements for that particular program. 


Absence (sick) Policy

We appreciate our participants staying home when they are unwell. A credit will be applied towards a future booking if at least two (2) hours notice is given due to illness. Failure to notify Featherpine Nature Play of absence at least two (2) hours before the program is due to commence will result in a forfeit of all fees paid.


Cancellation Policy

Featherpine Nature Play is committed to providing families with the opportunity to partake in nature play programs, however our numbers are limited by our ratios. When a family cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another family from participating in our program. We also have high overhead costs to cover. When a family pulls out without adequate notice, we then have to try and fill this space at the last minute or pay for these places that aren’t filled ourselves.

We understand that at times life happens and you may need to reschedule. Please contact us in writing as soon as possible to change your booking. Changes must be finalised at least two hours before the program is due to commence to qualify for a credit towards a future booking. Any cancellations within two (2) hours of the session start time will mean a forfeit of all fees paid.

Program Cancellation

If a program is cancelled to due to unforeseen circumstances, your family will be entitled to either a full refund or a credit towards a future booking.

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