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About Us

The Face behind Featherpine...

I am a Mum of three amazing girls and a farm full of animals! I am a former early years and primary teacher, with 15 years experience in a range of different settings. Fed up with the education system and the push down and curriculum demands, I decided to leave teaching, and all the stress that came with it. Around the same time, we moved to our little hobby farm in beautiful Woodford, started homeschooling and intentionally slowed down.


I am a passionate advocate for the benefits of play, nature and connection in children (and adults!) and believe that children's wellbeing is suffering because these three things are not valued enough in our society. Featherpine Nature Play has given me the opportunity to share my passion for nature play and connection with our community.

- Mandy

Mandy Collins, Featherpine Nature Play creator and owner.
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Our Location

We operate from two locations in Woodford, Queensland.

Pine Playgroup: Woodford Gardens, 71 Peterson Road, Woodford

Feather Pine-eers: The Regenerative Training Centre, 283 Woodrow Road, Stanmore

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